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Long-term, functional and conscious choices.

The first element that we agreed in terms of packaging was the color: green. Empoli, the place where Inherba was born, is the so-called city of green glass. 

In fact, it is characterized by an ancient tradition in the production of artifacts with the typical green livery, so much so that the characteristic shade that distinguishes the glass containers is defined as "Empoli green".

When we worked on the choice of packaging for the first cosmetic products we had to abandon the glass path as the bottles would have been very heavy and dangerous in the daily context of the bathroom. We decided to keep this green color, so characteristic and representative, and choose 100% recyclable PET bottles. We opted for screen printing and for a total abandonment of secondary packaging.

Less is more was our way of acting also in this circumstance.

For the product kits we have chosen a valuable collaboration, a unique partner: Controversa - the first reversible box by nature.

A product designed and manufactured with respect for the environment, a concrete commitment to protect our ecosystem, a way to avoid waste and encourage the (very creative) second use of secondary packaging. We agree with them that a box is never just a container.

It is a precious casket that contains a world and we are happy that it contains Inherba’s one.