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Much more than a pay-off.

Entrepreneurship, as we understand it, means conveying a real cultural change on the theme of social inclusion even before doing business. A deep belief, not just an operational mantra.

When we researched and defined our pay-off, we focused on finding a phrase that encompasses our values: the essence of the brand, the desire for revolution on which the business was created.

“Natura Unica”, unique nature, was born just like this: it tells the uniqueness of each of us, the beauty of our innate diversity. A diversity that allows us to evolve and to let our ideas, thoughts and actions evolve: the manifestation of a higher dimension. 

It talks about Nature: the one that surrounds us, which we love and respect. The Nature of people, as our most spontaneous and instinctive, truer side.

And finally, unique nature as cosmetic minimalism. Cross-cutting products designed, conceived and formulated to be used by everyone. The will to free oneself from all that is superfluous, from the cosmetic mess in terms of ingredients and products. 

An essential approach in every choice we make. Kind gestures, few products, a way of taking care of ourselves and everything that surrounds us with simplicity, rituality, in full harmony with nature.

Minimalism not as an absence, but as a renewed focus on what really matters.

Ph. credit: Agnese Morganti for Inherba.