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Inherba: a revolution from an intuition.

Cooperativa Essenza was born with a very specific goal: creating a brand of natural cosmetic products that would allow the creation of social, economic and environmental value. A social quality, a new way of doing business; social cooperation as an entrepreneurial tool.

A company able, through the product, to build a very inclusive community that involves people with fragility: a company oriented towards creating a bridge between the territory and the product. 

This path was born from the intuition of a small group of people who managed, with great charisma and will, to share a vision and to make, step by step, what was just an idea something real. True. Tangible.

Today Inherba is online and is showing itself on the market for the first time in all its beauty. A beauty of intentions, actions, products.

A project in which the “I” exists to the extent that a “We” exists.

We, as a group of professionals who have contributed to the realization of all of this.

We, as consumers who immerse ourselves and find ourselves in these values ​​which include a long-term vision.

We, as people who try to leave a mark of our passage. Of our uniqueness and authenticity.

Ph. credit: Noelle Otto for Unsplash.