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Cooperativa Sociale Essenza was born with a very specific goal: doing business, creating social, economic and environmental value at the same time.

The basic idea is the desire to find a new way of doing business that is able, through the product, to build a very inclusive community and company.

A valuable project in which ethics and environmental protection are closely connected.

A chain of cooperatives, companies and professionals who share the same point of view.


The power of spontaneous actions and the union of significant intentions as a driving force for a concrete and different action: these were the intuitions that, in a complex historical moment like the present one, have become a symbol of great hope and a starting point for designing this business.

Inherba's path of conception and development comes from a mental and material creativity; a freedom to imagine a new way of doing business and making it happen.

A deep desire for evolution, almost revolution, which has made us rediscover the deepest roots of the team, the starting point for designing an unprecedented entrepreneurship and building meaningful collaborations.

We started from the seeds, that will sprout to rebuild a true connection between human and inanimate. We have taken up our values ​​to define our long-term vision. We looked at the beauty of (and in) simplicity and responsibility. We started from here. From this phonetic, mute h, which has a lot to tell.


One of the principles that guided the development of this business is the will to find a harmonious synergy between economy and finance, with an essential ally: nature.

A sustainable economy that cannot ignore collective and individual ethics. A multi-level revolution in which the new idea of individual well-being cannot be separated from collective well-being. A very inclusive entrepreneurship, which involves people with fragility, aimed at creating a bridge between territory and product. A feeling of being part of nature and making it culture, as handing down its most important aspects. Not only respecting people, plants and animals, but creating a triple value: economic, social and environmental.

Social cooperation as an entrepreneurial tool.

We start from here.
We have a mission.
Creating value. Much value.

Mondo con fogliolina attorno


A value that the company creates in and for the territory. Something that is given to the nature that surrounds us to keep it healthy and prosperous. Not a mere "don't hurt", but do good to the context.

Tanti volti felici e illuminati


A value created for those people that work for the Company, as what they do allows an idea to become a business. A value for the community as the context in which we are all living and thriving.

Fiore con il simbolo dell'Euro all'interno


Work as the result of business. A value that is useful for the company to grow and prosper. Not a maximization of shareholders' profits, but the creation of material and immaterial shared value.