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“Natura Unica” means Unique Nature. This claim tells a lot about us: about our being unique and and about this immense and all-encompassing nature.

It represents the desire to create a few products, suitable for the whole family.

Simple, daily gestures, which today can find in Inherba an indispensable ally to take care of one's well-being in a few targeted steps.

A lifestyle that gives back our living space, freeing it from accumulated useless things. New habits that are good for us and for what surrounds us.


Ingredients that belong to the herbalist tradition, an approach to raw materials with respect and circularity, joining the research, in a natural, unprecedented result.


Kind gestures, few products, a way of taking care of ourselves and everything that surrounds us with simplicity, rituality, in full harmony with nature.


The will to free oneself from all that is superfluous, from the cosmetic mess in terms of ingredients and products. An essential approach, a renewed focus on what really matters.